Dayton, Ohio


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Car Accident In Dayton Caused By Overcrowding

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Too many people were occupying a vehicle that caused the driver to run off the road in a car accident Thursday morning, according to Dayton police.

It appears there were six people in the five-passenger vehicle at the time of the crash which happened on Route 4 in Dayton.

“The vehicle was overcrowded from what we can tell right now, the third person fell onto the driver as she was attempting to exit Route 4 and she couldn’t steer the vehicle. So it appears the apparent cause of the crash was the overcrowding,” said Sgt. Clarence West.

No one was seriously injured; all injuries appear to be non-life-threatening.

The passengers of the vehicle said they were driving home from a bar. Police are investigating whether the driver was impaired. The investigation is ongoing. #