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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against AT&T Mobility for Overtime Pay

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A class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Pennsylvania, against AT&T Mobility. The suit alleges the carrier violated the Labor Standards Act by refusing to pay overtime to a former corporate recruiter and possibly others.

The lead plaintiff was a regional corporate recruiter/staffing coordinator from May 9, 2007, to November 30, 2007.

“AT&T’s refusal to authorize payment for all of the hours that Masters and other class members worked each work week, as well as its failure to keep accurate payroll records with respect to Masters and other class members was part of a policy, pattern and practice of denying overtime pay to class members,” the suit stated.

The lawsuit refers to Spherion Staffing Agency as his technical employer, although he was supervised by and worked exclusively for AT&T Mobility. AT&T had no comment at this time.